Truly hand-made.  Extraordinary attention to detail, on the inside and out.  Intricate design, and a romantic spirit.

Detail of chiffon tunic with French seams and hand-finished chiffon bindings.  Ensemble #2, Dominic.  photo 2013

Mark Mitchell Burial

 I hand-make thoughtfully designed and highly-detailed objects from silk and other 100% natural materials.  My work would biodegrade entirely in earth, fire, or water.  Using time-honored hand-sewing technique my work is made with presence, attention, and care.  Fine fabrics, hand-sewn embroidery, elaborate embellishments, and beautiful finishes are among the hallmarks of our my very special pieces. 

Fine sewing is time-consuming.  A piece may may require hundreds of hours of hand-sewing,  embroidery, and highly detailed, elegant construction with fine finishing techniques used inside and out.

Our studio is located at the Inscape Arts Center, 815 Seattle Blvd. S, Seattle WA, 98134.

Mark Mitchell: Burial

Frye Art Museum, Seattle, Sept 20, Sept 21-October 30, 2013.

I presented a collection of hand-made burial clothing and accessories for men, women, and children in a live performance on September 20th, 2013, in the Frye Art Museum Greathouse Gallery.  The subsequent exhibition was then presented on customized mannequins to give a 360-degree view of each ensemble through October 20th, 2013.  The performance and exhibition drew large numbers and was both popularly and critically acclaimed.  Please watch the award-winning ten minute documentary.

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