Thank you, and Guanajuato, Mexico

Our trip to Guanajuato to visit the mummies is just three weeks away!  The ideas for Burial II have started to coalesce over the last couple of months, and the first model has agreed to participate.  I anticipate that the trip to Mexico will have a wonderful impact on Burial II.  We will also have time to revisit the National Museum of Funeral History while spending some time in Houston, Texas on our return trip from Mexico.  2014 has been very exciting for Burial so far.  The vitrine for Burial Ensemble #5, Marc is set for delivery on March 4th, with photographs by Steven Miller to follow.  We are so looking forward to sharing those with you.  A feature in the premiere issue of Dinosaur Intl. is coming out any day now, and the Surface Design Association Journal is publishing a feature in its Spring issue.

Our apprenticeship program is growing and improving, and we will be presenting what we have to offer in that regard to the graduating class of the Apparel Design Program at Seattle Central Community College this Spring.  We are so happy to continue to strengthen our relationship with this well-respected program.  Teaching techniques that we are in danger of losing because of their perceived impracticality gives those valuable techniques new life.

We plan to begin making pieces for Burial II in January 2015, and the rest of this year will be spent mastering new techniques for the collection, working on custom commissions, and I personally will be designing the costumes for the Intiman's production of Angels in America late this summer.

Thank you to everyone who supported Burial in 2013.  Your generosity enabled us to not only create the collection, but to continue to take this important work to the next level, and we hope you will have us in mind when you consider your charitable giving this year.  The performance and exhibition at the Frye Museum in September was only the beginning.  We are planning a major fund raiser in the Fall to get Burial II on it's way with some truly special thank-you gifts.  You can make a very welcome tax-deductible gift anytime right here.  Thank you for your generosity.  We could not do this work without your support.

Burial Ensemble #5, Marc.  Original sketch, pen on paper.  Mark Mitchell,