Burial, an update.

The performance and exhibition at the Frye Art Museum this past September was only the beginning.  As we move into the new year we are extending and formalizing our apprenticeship program, gathering ideas and learning new techniques for Burial II, (also planning a Fall fundraising drive with some amazing custom-made gifts).

The most exciting work of the moment is the vitrine that Shane Montgomery is designing and building to showcase one of the ensembles.  The pieces will be displayed in a 6' x5.5'x 6" ebonized oak frame between two sheets of tempered 1/8" glass approximately 4"" apart.  We think it will be an exquisite way to display and preserve the Burial 2013 ensembles.

Dinosaur, a new culture magazine, will be coming out later this month.  Keep an eye out for it.  It's a large format, and we have 4 gate-folds in this premiere issue.  Our first national press!  Come Spring, we have a feature article in the Surface Design Association Journal, a quarterly.  Very excited about this national and international exposure.

We hope everyone received their gifts from the fundraiser last October.  We know they were a bit late.  If you haven't received yours, send us a note on the contact page and we will figure out what happened.  Thank you everyone for your support.  Those gifts are still sustaining Burial, and are so much appreciated.

Our research trip to Houston and Guanajuato is on schedule for March 16-29th.  We are very excited to see Central Mexico and the rare and unusual museum there, as well as revisit the National Museum of Funeral History in Houston, and see much more art than our last visit enabled us to do.

Sketch of vitrine layout. Ensemble #5 Marc. markmitchellburial.com 2014.

Sketch of vitrine layout. Ensemble #5 Marc. markmitchellburial.com 2014.