Most examples of vintage and contemporary burial clothing I have had the opportunity to examine have been in some cases carelessly made throughout of shoddy goods, while others were made of good fabric and nicely detailed for the "presentation" area of the piece, but the back, hems, and anything not visible in a half-open casket were unfinished and even raggedly cut in some cases.  At Mark Mitchell Burial, our designs are completely realized, inside and out.  It's about integrity.    An unfinished hem, and inelegant fabric feels untrue, a trick.  We take the time to do things the right way, and make it our goal to create garments that are constructed at an elevated level of craft, with thoughtful design, and generous detail. Our painstaking and time-consuming practices result in garments that convey a sense of occasion, of something greater than the day to day, and made throughout with a thoughtful integrity of craft, materials, and finish.

Child's burial garment, 20th century, National Museum of Funeral History.  photo

Child's burial garment, inside view, 20th cent., National Museum of Funeral History.  photo 2013