The Crew

See if you can guess who is who!  Photographer unknown.

A fantastic week is drawing to a close, and I'm feeling especially grateful for the people who are helping me create the collection.  One has to be very present in this work, and I appreciate their investment of attention and focus in our quest to make extraordinary, uncommon things.

Tristan Uhl has been with me since January of 2012, and we have steadily evolved into a strong team.  He has a wonderful touch with fine fabric, and has a great variety of skills and knowledge that have helped elevate our work in countless ways.  He studied at NYFA of Seattle.   A lifelong follower of fashion, Tristan knows about clothing and how it is made.  He is my right hand on this project, and I value both his precise work and his opinion very much.*

Gretchen Grimm started with us last Autumn, and her skill, patience, and steadiness have resulted in work that is frankly amazing.  She didn't balk in the least when I asked her to completely re-make a large embellished panel that had taken weeks of preparation and sewing to finish, but through no fault of her own wasn't technically up to the standard we work for.  We took a break, we worked out the technical issues, and she finished the second version yesterday.  It is breathtaking.  She's also the drummer in a band called Chastity Belt. 

We do a lot of hand-sewing, and much of it falls to the limber and capable hands of Monica Leigh, a graduate of The Evergreen State College who joined us around the time Gretchen did.  She enthusiastically does very fine handwork, silk flowers, as well as garment construction that has stunning accuracy.  She's a keeper.

The most recent addition is Erin Ellinthorpe, a student at Seattle Central's excellent apparel design program.  She's only been with a us few weeks, but she's got the right stuff, and proved it this week by cheerfully learning new and difficult techniques at record speed.  We are looking forward to having her around.

*I am left-handed.