What's Next for Burial?

Muses and models Davora Lindner, Anna Rose Telcs, and Ro Yoon after Mark Mitchell: Burial at the Frye Art Museum, September 20, 2013. photo Frye Art Museum.

See?  It's actually two half-jackets...

People have been asking if and when there will be another showing of Burial.  At this time, we are exploring options to take the Burial collection to another city or cities.  I will be traveling to Houston in the early part of 2014 to continue the research at the National Museum of Funeral History which I began in January of this year, and then continue my trip into Central Mexico to see the Museo de las Momias de Guanajuato. I'm incredibly excited to add to my knowledge through this trip, and I expect my work in 2014 to reflect it.

There are no plans to show the collection in Seattle at this time.

If you are interested in purchasing an ensemble from the collection or commissioning a custom work, a studio visit can be arranged.

Thanks for your continued interest.