An invitation from Mark Mitchell Burial

“It is impractical and almost absurd. And it is the embodiment of what love is. All of Mark’s work is impractical, excessive, temporal, and the only thing that holds it together, that justifies it, is love.” 

Greg Lundgren, City Arts Magazine, September 2013

The Cradles Upon Which Their Dear Heads Did Lay

Visitation Pillows

Mark Mitchell Burial, Visitation pillow, silk and cotton, 2013.

The nine silk and cotton pillows used in the Mark Mitchell: Burial performance at the Frye Art Museum on Friday September 20, 2013 will be awarded to the nine people who make the largest contributions to Mark Mitchell Projects before Burial closes on Sunday October 20, 2013.

All donations made to MMP through Shunpike’s Sponsored Artist Program are tax-deductible.

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Dear Friends and Supporters – I am working toward taking the Burial ensembles to another city or cities. I need to have them photographed formally on the models, to clean and store them properly, and deal with a number of tedious and costly necessities, so we are raising the funds to do so. If you were moved or inspired by my work and wish to contribute financial support, your gift will be a wonderful means to help move Burial forward.

Each of the nine individually labeled and numbered 8x10 pillows is made of silk organza, topped with a stitched silk-ribbon pattern (a technique used throughout the Burial collection).  The backing is silk taffeta. The pillows are filled with unbleached organic cotton, and lovingly hand-finished with a silk thread.

Everyone who donates $25.00 or more will receive by mail a personal, hand-written thank-you from me.  Donate $50.00 or more, and I’ll send you a hand-signed copy of one of my unpublished sketches from the collection, in a numbered edition.

You have three more days to participate!  Ends 5 PM, Sunday, Oct. 20. 

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Mark Mitchell Projects