An inspiring meeting

This morning I talked for an hour with Ross Kling , the funeral director I met when he took my sewing class.  He prepares Jewish bodies for burial, and provides funeral services for both Jewish and non-Jewish people.  I was struck by his presence, his kindness, and gentleness.  He described the ritual of cleansing and dressing the deceased in the traditional shroud, made up of several pieces, using traditional wrapping and knotting to close openings and mark the ankle and waist.  I was moved by the presence of this gentle man, so physically engaged and intimate with this body that has to be manipulated into the various garments.  He spoke of how grounding and humbling it is, and how meaningful to him that he is the last to see this human before their remains are buried. I was made clearly aware of the need to design garments that preserve the dignity of both the deceased and the person who dresses the deceased.

The items that make up a traditional Jewish shroud.